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Sports massage, Remedial Massage and Relaxing Massage

£45 for an hour's treatment.  The first treatment may last a little longer to allow for an assessment.

£35 for half an hour's treatment (not available for new clients)

Myofascial Release

£50 per treatment.  Treatment will last from one hour, perhaps even up to two hours, but usually around 90 minutes. 

Half hour treatments not available.


£10 for one area including tape.   £5 if you provide your own tape. 

Ideally this is not done after a massage as the lotion used will prevent the tape from sticking.   Gents (or ladies!) who are particularly hairy may be asked to shave before coming (unless they are willing to suffer the pain when removing the tape!).


Book either by calling, emailing or messaging via Facebook:

Telephone:   07842 846459


Facebook:  Kingsgate Soft Tissue Therapy

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